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May 20, 2024


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Call Center in Kolkata | Call Center Services in Kolkata

Prerna Bhandari

Call Center in Kolkata | Call Center Services in Kolkata


In recent years, Kolkata has emerged as a prominent hub for call center service providers. These providers are crucial in facilitating effective communication between businesses and their customers. Many BPO call center companies in Kolkata offer contact center outsourcing services. However, selecting the right outsourcing partner can be essential and challenging, especially one that integrates advanced technology like in-house dialers, lead prioritization systems, and omnichannel outreach.

One of the main challenges traditional call centers face in Kolkata is their inability to offer essential features such as effective omnichannel communication, automated agent script guidance, and lead prioritization. This deficiency can result in lost leads that could have converted, leading to business revenue loss.

Outsourcing call center services and solutions to SquadStack allows businesses to scale their contact center operations effectively. With an exceptional technology stack and a team of over 10,000 trained telecalling agents, SquadStack offers lead management tools, AI technology for quality monitoring, an agent management platform, and a comprehensive call center dashboard.

How to Manage Call Center Technology & Tools

Kolkata's Leading Call Center Service Provider

Many call centers in Kolkata serve clients' needs, but SquadStack stands out among them all. SquadStack uses futuristic technology and software solutions to make its operations run smoothly and enhance customer experience. Advanced tools such as parallel dialing dialer, predictive dialer, and call routing facilities are used where the best agents receive top leads and guided scripts displayed on the application to facilitate interactions with leads, which SquadStack leverages to ensure efficiency and effectiveness in its operations.

Furthermore, SquadStack offers features that further enhance service quality, such as customizable greetings, introductions, and the ability to capture specific details for customer reports. This positions SquadStack as the leading call center service provider in Kolkata. Moreover, the company employs workflow builders to configure and customize various touchpoints, including calls, emails, SMS, WhatsApp, and IVR, ensuring a consistent and seamless customer journey. The dashboard provides complete campaign information, including agent quality metrics, connectivity rates, conversions, total dialed calls, and top performers.

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What Makes SquadStack Better than Other BPOs & Call Centers in Kolkata?

SquadStack is a tech-powered contact center with a strong presence in Kolkata. We provide all-in-one telecalling services to businesses of all sizes and industries. Let us understand what makes us one of the best call center service providers in Kolkata.

Industry Trained Telecallers

We boast over 10,000 screened, trained, and vetted telecallers who undergo rigorous screening and assessments to ensure proficiency in handling customer interactions. Regular training sessions, mock calls, and personalized feedback keep them well-equipped for their roles.

Industry Trained Telecallers of SquadStack
Image: Industry Trained Telecallers of SquadStack

System-driven Omnichannel Outreach

SquadStack offers customizable omnichannel outreach, allowing businesses to tailor their customer reach through various channels such as voice calls, email, IVR, WhatsApp, SMS, and chat. This flexibility enables seamless connection with leads across multiple touchpoints.

SquadStack’s System-Driven Omnichannel Outreach with 90% Connectivity
Image: SquadStack’s System-Driven Omnichannel Outreach with 90% Connectivity

Transparent Reporting & Analytics Dashboard

Businesses can use our analytics dashboard to gain comprehensive insights into a campaign's performance. Our detailed analytics empower data-driven decision-making by pinpointing areas for improvement and optimizing strategies. We also provide actionable insights that help you make data-driven decisions.

Seamless CRM Integrations

Our contact center technology integrates with popular and standard CRMs such as Freshsales, Salesforce, Pipedrive, etc. This integration enables you to effectively track all customer interactions and gain insights into customer preferences to modify any campaign strategy easily.

SquadStack can Seamlessly Integrate with Standard CRMs.
Image: SquadStack can Seamlessly Integrate with Standard CRMs.

Complete Data Security & Compliance

SquadStack holds ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certification and adheres to safety standards. Our solution consists of advanced security measures, such as PII masking, screenshot restrictions, etc., which protect sensitive data from theft or breach.

SquadStack’s Data Security & Compliance Measures
Image: SquadStack’s Data Security & Compliance Measures

Enhanced Connectivity & Outreach

Our customizable outreach support significantly boosts connectivity rates by up to 90%, leading to faster Turnaround Time (TAT). This assists businesses in maintaining solid connections with customers and effectively reaching out to them.

Reasons to Choose SquadStack’s Services
Image: Reasons to Choose SquadStack’s Services

AI-Powered Call Quality Monitoring

Our AI-driven lead call quality monitoring allows us to assess 15% of recorded calls based on 23 flexible parameters. As the parameters can be changed per business requirements, it provides complete transparency to the business and suggests improvement areas for agents.

SquadStack Offers AI-Powered Quality Monitoring
Image: SquadStack Offers AI-Powered Quality Monitoring

How is SquadStack Different From Traditional BPOs and Call Centers in Kolkata

The call center landscape in Kolkata is vast, but many BPOs lack personalization and efficiency. At SquadStack, we bridge that gap. Here's how our cutting-edge approach elevates your call center operations, unlike any other call center in Kolkata.


Traditional BPO

Enhance agent productivity with our guided app's intuitive agent interface, which provides comprehensive support. This helps improve the agent's productivity.

They work fewer hours than expected, resulting in approximately 65% utilization of productive time, which hampers overall agents and compromises productivity.

We employ usage-based printings, where You only pay for connected minutes with us—no charges for non-connected minutes. 

You'll pay the same amount every month/campaign, no matter how much work gets done or how many leads get converted. 

With SquadStack, flexibility is crucial. You can customize your telecalling campaigns to perfectly align with your business needs, whether you're scaling up or down.

There is no flexibility to scale up and down based on variable lead volume, which restricts the business's ability to scale effectively. 

We boost connectivity by integrating multiple omnichannel methods, including email, SMS, and IVR.

BPOs and call centers in Kolkata mainly focus on repeatedly calling due to low omnichannel outreach, which leads to poor reachout.

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SquadStack's Advantages Over Other Call Centers in Kolkata

Companies are outsourcing their call center operations to Kolkata to enhance their campaign performance, but traditional call centers in the city pose significant challenges. SquadStack offers benefits that surpass those of traditional call center services in Kolkata.

  • SquadStack proves beneficial for businesses that avoid hiring an in-house team due to the high costs and feasibility concerns. We provide industry-trained telecallers who undergo regular training sessions and receive personalized feedback to ensure optimal performance.
  • To address agent productivity issues, our solution includes an analytics dashboard and call quality analysis feature to track agent performance. This allows businesses to measure performance and identify areas for improvement to enhance customer interactions.
  • With SquadStack, hiring, training, and managing an in-house telecalling team is unnecessary. We provide screened, vetted, and trained agents, saving businesses time and effort in hiring processes.
  • Our fully integrated solution includes various features such as call monitoring, quality analysis, agent interface, script builder, and customer CRM integration. These features streamline business tasks and improve agent productivity.
  • Furthermore, SquadStack ensures adherence to all standards and guidelines to provide complete data security for customers' data. Agents cannot access sensitive customer information, ensuring data privacy and confidentiality.
SquadStack Empowers Human Expertise with AI to Drive Better Sales Experience
Image: SquadStack Empowers Human Expertise with AI to Drive Better Sales Experience

Why is Kolkata a significant destination for BPO in India?


The city has an abundant skilled workforce, a favorable business environment, a strategic location, and robust infrastructure. These factors altogether make Kolkata a significant destination for BPOs in India.

What services do call centers in Kolkata provide?


They provide various services, including customer service, technical support, data entry, data processing, human resources, accounting, and finance.

Can call centers in Kolkata cater to international clients in different time zones?


These companies are designed to cater to international clients in different time zones through 24/7 service.

How is SquadStack different from other call center service providers in Kolkata?


SquadStack offers a comprehensive, integrated technology solution for businesses besides around-the-clock service by an exceptionally talented workforce. The unparalleled expertise, innovative approach, and customer-centric services distinguish SquadStack from the rest of the service providers.

How Does Squadstack protect client data and ensure privacy?


Squadstack implements robust encryption across all layers to safeguard client data against potential breaches and cyberattacks.

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