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July 3, 2024


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Call Center in Thane

Shara Zareen

Call Center in Thane


Thane, the bustling city bordering Mumbai, is quietly carving its niche as a major player in the call center industry. Fueled by the tech-savvy workforce, the call centers in Thane are rapidly transforming the city’s presence in the call center industry by providing exceptional customer service and support solutions for businesses across different sectors,  including healthcare, e-commerce, banking, telecommunications, etc. Whether you're seeking a reliable partner for inbound or outbound customer support, technical expertise, or back-office operations, the call centers in Thane can help you achieve your organizational goals.

Many call centers in Thane offer basic call center services, but their main challenge is their inability to leverage advanced call center technology. This means they can't provide features like seamless omnichannel communication across phone, email, and social media or use automated scripts to ensure consistent messaging from their agents. These limitations can lead to missed conversions, as valuable leads are either not nurtured effectively or simply fall through the cracks. Hence, finding the best call center service provider in Thane, which provides a tech stack like an in-house dialer that can prioritize and queue leads, can be challenging. 

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Struggling to find the right call center partner in Thane? SquadStack offers a complete solution designed to boost your conversions and slash your Customer acquisition cost. Our fully managed telecalling solution empowers you to scale your business and maximize conversions effortlessly. We combine a highly-trained team of over 10,000 telecallers with a robust tech stack. This includes lead management tools to prioritize the best opportunities, omnichannel outreach for seamless communication across all channels, AI-powered quality monitoring to ensure top-notch service, and an agent management platform for optimal performance. Furthermore, SquadStack's call center dashboard provides real-time insights. It allows you to track everything from agent performance and connection rates to total dialed calls and top performers.

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Thane’s Leading Call Center Service Provider

In Thane's crowded call center market, SquadStack’s network of 10,000+ telecallers facilitates over 3,00,000 daily omnichannel interactions, boasting an impressive connectivity rate exceeding 80%. We empower businesses to elevate customer experiences with a powerful combination of innovation and expertise. Our intelligent lead matching engine ensures agents connect with the most relevant prospects, maximizing engagement. Parallel and predictive dialing technologies streamline call distribution, while guided scripts promote smooth customer interactions. Furthermore, we prioritize personalization by allowing you to customize omnichannel outreach, greetings, introductions, and data capture. This empowers you to tailor the customer journey and gather valuable information for effective follow-up.

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SquadStack takes personalization a step further with our innovative workflow builder. It allows you to seamlessly configure and customize the entire customer journey across various channels, including calls, SMS, emails, Interactive Voice Response (IVR), WhatsApp, and more. This ensures a cohesive and frictionless experience for your customers at every touchpoint, fostering stronger relationships and driving superior results.

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What Makes SquadStack Better than Other BPOs & Call Centers in Thane?

Unlike any traditional call center in Thane, SquadStack, being a tech-powered contact center, has a strong presence in the city. We provide all-in-one telecalling services to businesses of all sizes and industries. This makes us the top choice among leading businesses in Thane across different sectors, including BFSI, e-commerce, healthcare, banking, automotive, retail, and more.

  • Trained & Vetted Telecallers: SquadStack meticulously selects callers for your campaign. Only 2% of applicants qualify through our rigorous vetting process, which includes CEFR compliance, telesales assessments, and in-depth soft skills evaluations. Additionally, our built-in app offers ongoing training modules, mock call feedback, and industry insights, all based on real-world scenarios.
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Image: Industry-Trained Telecallers of SquadStack
  • Improved Connectivity & Omnichannel Outreach: Our system checks for duplicate numbers, and scrubs against DND lists and adheres to calling regulations. We leverage a lead prioritization system to connect agents with the hottest leads, considering factors like demographics and interest. We also utilize a customizable omnichannel outreach system that includes calls, emails, SMS, and WhatsApp – to nurture leads throughout the funnel.
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Image: SquadStack’s System-Driven Omnichannel Outreach with 90% Connectivity
  • AI-Powered Quality Monitoring: Our smart sampling rate of 12% (exceeding the industry standard of 1-2%) analyzes 15% of all calls across 23 key quality metrics. This in-depth analysis, combined with the flexibility to customize parameters, empowers you to identify areas for improvement and optimize agent performance. SquadStack's AI-powered analytics unlock actionable insights you can use to drive better sales and customer experiences.
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Image: SquadStack Offers AI-Powered Quality Monitoring
  • Reporting & Analytics: SquadStack offers in-depth sales analytics and reporting to ditch spreadsheets and gain complete visibility into your lead journey. Our dashboard tracks call metrics, provides lead attribution, and stores 100% of call recordings. You can also leverage our call quality monitoring to ensure compliance and improve agent performance. 
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Image: Reasons to Choose SquadStack’s Services
  • Agent Management Platform: SquadStack's Agent Management Platform empowers the workforce with easy access to resources, screen-sharing features, and intuitive navigation across essential tools like FAQs, guided scripts, and battle cards. It fosters a collaborative environment through knowledge-sharing features, leaderboards, and gamified contests, keeping agents motivated and engaged.
  • Fraud Prevention: We prioritize agent integrity with proactive fraud prevention. Our system detects and flags activities like misselling, excessive call duration, or falsified qualifications. We take swift action, issuing warnings, partial bans, or permanent removals based on the severity of the offense. This ensures a reliable agent pool and protects your brand reputation.

How is SquadStack Different From Traditional BPOs and Call Centers in Thane

Unlike traditional call centers in Thane, SquadStack is a tech-powered platform that connects businesses with pre-trained agents. This allows for faster campaign launches, access to a wider talent pool, and real-time performance tracking. Let us see how we go beyond the limitations of traditional call centers in Thane to deliver exceptional customer service and achieve remarkable results.


Traditional BPO

Our user-friendly guided app streamlines workflows, provides real-time assistance, and maximizes agent productivity.

Traditional call centers in Thane often struggle with low agent productivity due to inefficient workflows and a lack of real-time support for agents.

SquadStack offers a transparent, usage-based pricing model. This eliminates hidden fees and ensures you only pay for connected minutes.

Fixed-cost contracts with traditional providers often include hidden fees and don't adapt to changing lead volume.

Our solution allows you to easily scale your team up or down to match your exact needs, ensuring optimal campaign performance at every stage.

Thane’s call centers can be inflexible, leaving you understaffed during peak times or overstaffed during slower periods.

SquadStack empowers a comprehensive omnichannel approach, allowing you to connect with customers on their preferred channels.

Many call centers in Thane rely solely on phone calls, which can frustrate customers and lead to poor reach rates.

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SquadStack’s Advantage over Other BPOs & Call Centers in Thane

  • SquadStack scales instantly to meet campaign demands, unlike traditional BPOs with fixed infrastructure in Thane.
  • Access a nationwide network of pre-vetted agents versus Thane's limited talent pool in a BPO setting.
  • Launch campaigns quickly without waiting for agent onboarding.
  • Gain real-time insights into agent performance and campaign progress.
  • The usage-based model eliminates the overhead costs associated with running a call center in Thane.
  • Enables a remote workforce, eliminating the geographical limitations related to BPOs and call centers in Thane.
  • Leverage AI to ensure call quality and improve agent performance.
  • Access and analyze all call recordings for training and quality control.
  • We have robust data protection and privacy measures, including DND scrubbing, data purging, and built-in PII masking, ensuring our clients' reliability and trust.

Why is Thane a significant destination for BPO in India?


The city has an abundant skilled workforce, a favorable business environment, a strategic location, and robust infrastructure. These factors altogether make Thane a significant destination for BPOs in India.

What services do call centers in Thane provide?


They provide various services, including customer service, technical support, data entry, data processing, human resources, accounting, and finance.

Can call centers in Thane cater to international clients in different time zones?


These companies are designed to cater to international clients in different time zones through 24/7 service.

How is SquadStack different from other call center service providers in Thane?


SquadStack offers a comprehensive, integrated technology solution for businesses besides around-the-clock service by an exceptionally talented workforce. The unparalleled expertise, innovative approach, and customer-centric services distinguish SquadStack from the rest of the service providers.

How Does Squadstack protect client data and ensure privacy?


Squadstack implements robust encryption across all layers to safeguard client data against potential breaches and cyberattacks.

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