Call Centers in Amritsar

Explore SquadStack's unique advantages over other call centers in Amritsar. Discover how we can elevate your customer service and sales strategy.

July 2, 2024


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Call Centers in Amritsar

Shara Zareen

Call Centers in Amritsar


Amritsar is emerging as a major player in the call center industry, connecting businesses across various sectors like telecom, e-commerce, and healthcare with their target audience. Catering to businesses' diverse needs, call centers in Amritsar offer a comprehensive range of services, from inbound and outbound customer support to telemarketing, technical support, and lead generation.

While many call centers in Amritsar provide basic contact center services, not all of them leverage advanced contact center technologies essential for optimal performance. These centers often face challenges in delivering essential features such as effective omnichannel communication, automated agent script guidance, and an in-house dialer that can prioritize and queue leads. This lack of advanced features can lead to missed opportunities, dropped leads, and, ultimately, decreased conversions, making it difficult to find the best call center service provider in Amritsar.

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Image: SquadStack Leverages the Power of Human & Advanced Technology to Deliver Exceptional Customer Service

SquadStack revolutionizes telemarketing by offering a fully managed, tech-driven telesales outsourcing platform that overcomes the limitations of traditional solutions. Leveraging SquadStack empowers businesses to achieve significant results like effortless scaling of contact center operations, boosted conversion rates, and a reduction in customer acquisition costs (CAC). Beyond our team of 10,000+ highly trained telecallers, SquadStack arms businesses with a robust tech stack. This includes lead management solutions, cutting-edge AI for quality monitoring, a dedicated agent management platform, and an intuitive call center dashboard.

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Amritsar’s Leading Call Center Services Provider

Among numerous call centers in Amritsar, SquadStack emerges as the future-oriented solution. We ditch the outdated methods used by most call centers in Amritsar and instead embrace cutting-edge technology to streamline operations and cultivate exceptional customer experiences. Our advanced dialing system leverages a strategic combination of parallel and predictive dialing to prioritize your most valuable leads and efficiently manage call queues. Furthermore, SquadStack empowers you with customizable greetings, introductions, and data capture functionalities. This personalization allows you to tailor each interaction, ensuring a smooth and frictionless experience for your customers from the first touchpoint.

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Image: Empower Telecalling Agents with Guided Scripts and FAQs

Our workflow builders empower you to configure the ideal touchpoints for outreach, ensuring a seamless customer journey across preferred channels. These channels extend beyond traditional calling, encompassing SMS, emails, and even WhatsApp integration. Furthermore, SquadStack provides intelligent call routing to optimize agent connections and equips agents with guided scripts, facilitating efficient and professional interactions. This commitment to omnichannel communication and agent support solidifies SquadStack's position as the premier call center service provider in Amritsar.

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What Makes SquadStack Better than Other BPOs & Call Centers in Amritsar?

SquadStack is a tech-driven powerhouse transforming the call center landscape in Amritsar. We offer a comprehensive all-in-one solution catering to businesses of all sizes and industries. But what truly sets us apart? Here's a glimpse into what makes SquadStack the go-to choice for companies seeking exceptional call center services in Amritsar.

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Image: SquadStack is Trusted by Leading Businesses

Industry Trained Telecallers:

SquadStack prioritizes agent quality to ensure exceptional customer service. Our team boasts over 10,000 screened, trained, and vetted telecallers. These agents undergo a rigorous selection process, including assessments to guarantee their proficiency in handling customer interactions. Furthermore, SquadStack's commitment to continuous improvement is evident through regular training sessions, mock calls, and personalized feedback.

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Image: SquadStack houses over ten thousand decentralized telecallers proficient in 9 languages.

System-driven Omnichannel Outreach:

SquadStack empowers businesses with a customizable omnichannel outreach strategy. This innovative approach transcends traditional calling by offering diverse communication channels, including voice calls, email, IVR, WhatsApp, SMS, and chat functionalities. This flexibility allows businesses to tailor their outreach efforts based on customer preferences, ensuring consistent messaging across all touchpoints within the customer journey.

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Image: SquadSatck’s System-Driven Omnichannel Outreach with 90% Connectivity

Transparent Reporting & Analytics Dashboard:

SquadStack empowers data-driven campaign optimization through our comprehensive analytics dashboard. This intuitive interface provides businesses with detailed performance insights, enabling them to make informed decisions. Our reports go beyond basic metrics, offering actionable insights that pinpoint areas for improvement and facilitate data-driven decision-making.

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Image: Monitor Performance with SquadStack's Transparent Reporting and Analytics Dashboard

Enhanced Connectivity & Outreach:

SquadStack's customizable outreach approach significantly enhances customer connection rates, achieving up to a 90% boost. This results in faster turnaround time (TAT), allowing you to connect with your target audience swiftly and efficiently. SquadStack empowers businesses to maintain strong customer relationships and achieve optimal campaign results by streamlining communication and maximizing reachability.

Call Center in Amritsar: Image 7
Image: Maintain Strong Customer Relationships with SquadStack's Customizable Outreach Methods

AI-Powered Call Quality Monitoring:

SquadStack prioritizes continuous improvement through its AI-powered call quality monitoring system. We leverage human expertise coupled with AI to analyze 15% of your recorded calls against a customizable set of 23 key parameters. The flexibility to adapt these parameters to your specific business needs ensures a tailored evaluation process.

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Image: SquadStack Offers AI-Powered Quality Monitoring

How is SquadStack Different From Traditional BPOs and Call Centers in Amritsar

The call center landscape in Amritsar is vast, but many BPOs lack personalization and efficiency. At SquadStack, we bridge that gap. Here's how our cutting-edge approach elevates your call center operations, unlike any other call center in Amritsar.


Traditional BPO

SquadStack Maximizes agent productivity through a guided app with a user-friendly interface and comprehensive support features. 

They often experience lower agent productivity due to limited support and outdated technology, which results in wasted time and missed opportunities.

Offers complete flexibility to scale your telemarketing campaigns up or down based on your needs. This allows you to adjust resources efficiently as lead volume fluctuates.

Traditional call centers in Amritsar typically lack scalability due to rigid staffing structures. They struggle to adjust agent resources quickly.

We employ an omnichannel approach that integrates calls, emails, SMS, and IVR for a more comprehensive outreach strategy.

They rely heavily on repetitive phone calls. Limited omnichannel capabilities also restrict their ability to connect with leads effectively.

We utilize a usage-based pricing model where you only pay for connected minutes.

Traditional call centers in Amritsar operate on fixed costs regardless of campaign performance.

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Image: Reasons Why SquadStack Stands Out from Traditional Call Centers in Amritsar

SquadStack's Advantages Over Other Call Centers in Amritsar

Companies are outsourcing their call center operations to Amritsar to enhance their campaign performance, but traditional call centers in the city pose significant challenges. SquadStack offers benefits that surpass those of traditional call center services in Amritsar.

  • Eliminate the burden of hiring, training, and managing an in-house telecalling team. SquadStack provides a cost-effective solution with industry-trained agents, regular training sessions, and personalized feedback for optimal performance.
  • Our analytics dashboard and call quality analysis features empower you to identify areas for improvement and refine customer interactions.
  • Our comprehensive suite of features, including call monitoring, quality analysis, agent interface, and CRM integration, streamlines call center operations and optimizes agent productivity.
  • We adhere to industry standards and guidelines, including ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certification.
  • SquadStack ensures adherence to all standards and guidelines to provide complete data security for customers' data. Agents cannot access sensitive customer information, ensuring data privacy and confidentiality.
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What is the need to outsource a call center in Amritsar?


Call center outsourcing helps prioritize a business's core activities by taking responsibility for customer support.

What services do SquadStack offer?


SquadStack’s services include customer support, lead generation, lead conversion, upselling and cross-selling, and more. It is flexible enough to adjust its services according to the client's requirements.

Is SquadStack cost-effective?


Yes, SquadStack is known for providing cost-effective solutions to its clients without compromising on the quality of service.

Is multilingual support available at Amritsar’s call centers?


Amritsar's diverse workforce allows it to offer multilingual customer support and effectively cater to a global customer base.

What is the cost advantage of outsourcing a call center in Amritsar?


Amritsar offers cost-effective services. The labor and operational costs are comparatively lower than in many other cities and countries.

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