Call Centers in Mohali

Discover how call centers in Mohali can enhance your business operations and learn about the advantages of leveraging SquadStack’s telecalling services.

July 2, 2024


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Call Centers in Mohali

Shara Zareen

Call Centers in Mohali


The call center landscape in India is witnessing a new wave of growth, and Mohali is at the forefront. The call centers in Mohali offer a compelling proposition for businesses seeking exceptional customer service solutions.  From inbound and outbound customer support to technical support and robust back-office operations, these centers cater to a diverse range of industries, including telecommunications, e-commerce, healthcare, banking, and more.

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However, some call centers in Mohali sometimes lack the advanced call center technologies crucial for a business’s survival in today’s competitive landscape. Modern companies seeking to outsource their call center operations expect features like omnichannel communication, automated agent script guiding, and AI-powered quality monitoring. The absence of these features in traditional call centers in Mohali can lead to missed opportunities, dropped leads, and decreased conversions. Hence, finding the best call center service provider in Mohali, which provides a tech stack like an in-house dialer that can prioritize and queue leads to be called, can be challenging. 

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If you are seeking a reliable outsourcing partner in Mohali, SquadStack can help you achieve your business goals. We offer a comprehensive solution, featuring lead management tools, an agent management platform, AI-powered call quality analytics, and a call center dashboard where you can track everything from agent performance metrics and conversion rates to total dialed calls and more. Backed by a robust technology stack and over 10,000 rigorously vetted, highly skilled agents, our fully managed solution empowers businesses to boost conversions and reduce CAC.

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Mohali's Leading Call Center Services Provider

Move beyond the limitations of call centers in Mohali and embrace our advanced technology designed to optimize campaign efficiency and deliver exceptional customer service.  SquadStack’s comprehensive approach includes advanced tools like parallel and predictive dialing for optimal call distribution. Intelligent call routing ensures qualified leads are seamlessly connected to the most suitable agent, possessing the specific knowledge and skills to address their inquiries. 

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Image: Building Custom Guided Scripts for Telecalling Campaigns

Furthermore, we offer guided scripts guaranteeing professional communication and effective lead interactions, while our workflow builder streamlines outreach by identifying the most appropriate channel for each lead. SquadStack prioritizes personalization, allowing customization of greetings and introductions to foster positive customer interactions. SquadStack’s data capture empowers the creation of in-depth reports, enabling strategic refinements for continuous improvement. Finally, we offer a comprehensive omnichannel outreach system encompassing calls, emails, SMS, WhatsApp, and IVR, ensuring you connect with your target audience on their preferred platform.

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Image: Workflow Builder Integrating IVR, SMS, Email, and Calling Features

What Makes SquadStack Better than Other BPOs & Call Centers in Mohali?

SquadStack, being an AI-powered outsourcing partner, provides all-in-one telecalling services to businesses of all sizes and industries. Let us understand what makes us one of the best call center service providers in Mohali.

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Image: SquadStack Leverages the Power of Human & Advanced Technology to Deliver Exceptional Customer Service
  • Trained & Vetted Telecallers: Our team of over 10,000 agents is meticulously screened and undergoes rigorous training. Through a comprehensive training program, including mock calls, we equip our agents with the skills and knowledge necessary to deliver exceptional customer experiences from the first interaction.
  • Lead Management & Omnichannel Outreach: SquadStack ensures no lead slips through the cracks. Our system prioritizes and distributes leads to the most appropriate agent with the required skill sets. We don't limit outreach to calls, we incorporate emails, SMS, WhatsApp, and more for maximum outreach. This omnichannel approach ensures you connect with leads on their preferred platform, maximizing engagement and conversions.
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  • Agent Management Platform: SquadStack offers an Agent Management Platform that empowers agents with everything they need to excel. This web app provides easy access to resources, screen-sharing features, and intuitive navigation to streamline information access. We allow them to navigate through FAQs, guided scripts, and battle cards that are readily available for exceptional customer service delivery. 
  • Call Quality Analysis: SquadStack utilizes human expertise paired with AI to monitor 15% of calls across 23 key parameters, ensuring best-in-class performance monitoring and high-quality calls. Moreover, we go far beyond the industry standard of 1-2%, with a smart sampling rate of 12%, to significantly reduce the risk of incorrect qualification.
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  • Analytics & Reporting: SquadStack empowers data-driven decisions. Our robust reporting suite tracks call metrics, agent performance, and campaign effectiveness. Our analytics dashboard allows you to gain valuable insights into the campaign’s performance and identify areas for improvement. This enables optimization of strategy for maximum impact.

How is SquadStack Different From Traditional BPOs and Call Centers in Mohali

Move beyond the frustrations of traditional BPOs and call centers in Mohali. SquadStack offers a revolutionary approach, leveraging technology and a range of services to empower you to deliver exceptional customer experiences and achieve remarkable results. Here's how we break the mold.

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Traditional BPO

Our user-friendly guided app and data-driven lead matching streamline processes and boost conversions.

Traditional call centers in Mohali often experience low agent productivity due to outdated tools and processes.

SquadStack offers a refreshing alternative with our outcome-based pricing model. You only pay for connected calls, ensuring your budget is spent wisely.

With fixed-cost contracts, you pay the same regardless of call volume or connection rates.

SquadStack adapts to your needs. Easily adjust your team size up or down, ensuring you have the right resources at the right time.

Call centers in Mohali often struggle with inflexible staffing, leaving you understaffed during peak periods and overstaffed during slow times.

We allow you to reach your target audience through email, SMS, and Interactive Voice Response (IVR), even on weekends and evenings.

Traditional call centers in Mohali limit you to calls only, potentially missing valuable connections.

SquadStack’s Advantage over Other BPOs & Call Centers in Mohali

  • SquadStack offers an on-demand pool of 10,000+ pre-vetted agents, eliminating client hiring & training hassles.
  • Our tech stack featuring a guided app and in-app dialer equips agents with real-time info, streamlining workflows and maximizing call efficiency.
  • SquadStack's usage-based pricing policy eliminates fixed seat costs and ensures you pay only for productive, connected minutes.
  • SquadStack eliminates spam & DNDs, prioritizes hot leads, and boasts a 90% connection rate. Talk to the right people, not robots, and watch results soar.
  • Our transparent data capture and detailed reporting empower real-time reporting, giving you actionable insights to optimize campaigns and drive exceptional results. Make data-driven decisions, not guesses!

What is the need to outsource a call center in Mohali?


Call center outsourcing helps prioritize a business's core activities by taking responsibility for customer support.

What services do SquadStack offer?


SquadStack’s services include customer support, lead generation, lead conversion, upselling and cross-selling, and more. It is flexible enough to adjust its services according to the client's requirements.

Is SquadStack cost-effective?


Yes, SquadStack is known for providing cost-effective solutions to its clients without compromising on the quality of service.

Is Multi-lingual support available in Mohali’s BPO sector?


Mohali's diverse workforce allows it to offer multilingual customer support and effectively cater to a global customer base.

What is the cost advantage of outsourcing a call center in Mohali?


Mohali offers cost-effective services. The labor and operational costs are comparatively lower than in many other cities and countries.

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