Call Center Staffing: Determining Ideal Agent Count

Learn about call center staffing and how to calculate the staff requirement. Get to know about its various staffing models, benefits, and KPIs.

September 15, 2023


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Saumya Singh

Saumya Singh

Call Center Staffing: Determining Ideal Agent Count


In the dynamic world of customer service, every interaction can shape a customer's perception and drive business growth. This entails that the companies must have excellent customer care agents to provide an enriched experience to their customers. Call center staffing isn't just about filling seats but carefully bringing together a team that possesses the necessary skills and represents the brand's values.

It is the process of planning, organizing, and controlling the distribution of agents. While staffing in call centers, resources are introduced to handle customer interactions across various communication channels. In this blog, we will explore important factors to consider and the role of technology in improving call center staffing.

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Understanding Call Center Staffing

When you call a customer service center, a system behind the scenes ensures you get the help and assistance you need. Call center staffing is all about ensuring ample resources, including personnel, to handle the variety of requests and queries for a seamless customer experience.

Different Types of Call Center Staffing Models

You must be wondering how call centers to find out the exact number of staff needed. Well, this is done through the use of staffing models. These models consider certain factors, including call volume, customer hold times, breaks, and post-call work. You can either calculate these figures manually or utilize software that provides accurate results in seconds.

  • In-house staffing: In this model, your team of pros will handle all incoming and outgoing calls. This approach gives you more control over staff management. But, it can be time-consuming as you need to invest in some top-notch tech and a solid HR department to make it work.
  • Outsourced staffing: The outsourced staffing model has gained immense popularity over the decades. In this model, companies team up with staffing agencies who handle everything from hiring to training the agents. Those agencies create custom staffing plans for contract and direct hiring.
  • Remote staffing: The remote staffing model has been the most preferred in the post-COVID world as it offers flexibility in where and when you work. Many companies prefer letting employees work from home or other remote locations.

Read "Leveraging The Power of Cloud Call Centers for Growth" to know more.

Advantages of Call Center Staffing Models

Onboarding the right people and enough staff can make or break your business. Having the correct number of people on your team means you can get more work done quickly, keep your customers happy, and avoid burnout. Plus, when everyone has their tasks to focus on, things run smoothly like a well-oiled machine. Now, let us look at the benefits of call center staffing.

  • Effective problem-solving: The way call center agents handle customer queries can significantly affect a company's reputation. Therefore, hiring, training, and maintaining the call center staff capable of offering excellent customer experience is crucial.
  • Maximized sales opportunities: Well-trained agents are needed to answer every call efficiently, grabbing every opportunity and making the most of it.
  • Consistency: A call center must be stable to provide a good customer experience and optimize performance. Normalizing flexible shifts can help achieve this and balance out the workload.
  • Improved metrics: When there is well-trained staff in the call centers, they tend to achieve better results in Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) such as Average Handle Time (AHT), Customer Satisfaction Scores, and Service Level Agreements (SLAs).
Advantages of Call Center Staffing Models
Advantages of Call Center Staffing Models

Important Factors To Remember When Staffing A Call Center

Whether you run a call center or manage the customer service department, tracking and monitoring the call center agents' performance to maximize productivity is important. Here are some important factors that need to be considered.

  • Average Handle Time (AHT): Effective staffing guarantees the average time agents spend on calls, including talk and post-call times, is easily manageable while maintaining customer satisfaction.
  • First-call resolution (FCR): Call center staffing models enable agents to focus on resolving customer queries during the first call, so there's no need for follow-up calls. A good First Call Resolution (FCR) rate is vital to keep your customers happy.
Staffing and scheduling call has become easy now
  • Language proficiency: This means that your agents need to be skilled in all aspects of a language, including reading, writing, listening, and speaking. If your call center staff has these skills, it enhances their ability to communicate effectively and efficiently.
  • Flexibility: Flexible work shifts allow agents to work efficiently across different time zones, ultimately boosting productivity. It enables them to manage their working hours and personal life without compromising the quality of call center services.
  • Agent's productivity: It directly impacts the call center's performance, customer satisfaction, and overall business success. Proper training sessions should be conducted, including time management skills, quality assurance, equipment or technical training, etc.
Important Factors To Remember When Staffing A Call Center
Image: Important Factors To Remember When Staffing A Call Center

Role of Squadstack in Improving Call Center Staffing

If you're concerned about your current call center staffing model, SquadStack's Telecalling outsourcing solution can fit your business.

  • Our guided telecalling app is designed to improve agent productivity by 100%. It utilizes a vast network of well-trained telecallers to achieve this goal.
  • Our service offers a telecalling script that is used to reach potential leads. Our agents follow this script through the partner app, ensuring proper follow-up and 100% data security. Rest assured that your information is safe with us.
  • We monitor the quality of our calls by reviewing the recordings and analyzing customer interactions based on elements such as emotions, sentiments, and keyword usage. We share important findings with our telecallers to help improve the customer experience.
  • Our approach to reaching out to your leads involves using multiple communication channels such as calls, texts, emails, chats, and social media. This method enhances connectivity and engagement, resulting in better outcomes.
  • Keeping customer data and conversations safe and secure is our top priority. We have an effective data security program in place to achieve this goal.
Role of Squadstack in Improving Call Center Staffing
Role of Squadstack in Improving Call Center Staffing

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Why is call center staffing essential?


Call center staffing is essential for a business as it ensures good customer service, improves agents' productivity, and reduces wait times.

How are peak calls handled in call centers?


Call centers to handle peak call hours by distributing the staff in rotational shifts and changing the staffing model when needed.

What are the challenges faced in call center staffing?


Some common challenges that call centers face during staffing include call volume fluctuations, service quality, and high agent turnover rates.

Does call center staffing have an impact on agents' confidence?


Yes, a call center with a good work culture helps balance the workload and improves job satisfaction.

How does flexible scheduling benefit call center agents?


Flexible shifts help improve the agents’ confidence and fluctuations in call volume. They are motivated to work and deliver good customer service, thereby increasing overall efficiency.

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